The most common type of lagging is rubber lagging. Many industries and factories use rubber lagging for better functioning of belt shell. Rubber is soft and cause more friction in lagging. Rubber lagging is good to provide protection to the pulley belt. Rubber lagging is good to protect shell from damage, dispense water and also increase friction in shell. Most of people use rubber lagging because it is cheap or cost effective lagging with durability.

Plain rubber lagging:

Plain rubber lagging causes great friction in conveyor belt. This lagging is mostly used in non drive pullies. Due to excess amount of friction causes by plain rubber lagging, wearing in belt uses faster. This rubber lagging is not flexible like other laggings.

Diamond rubber lagging:

Diamond rubber lagging is more flexible than plain rubber lagging. This lagging is applied on that belt which needs more friction on conveyor belt. The boxes on belt give more friction to the belt. The diamond shape boxes give flexibility to the belt and reduce wear and tear of belt. This belt is more reliable than plain belt. It does not cause slipping of belt and also give strength to the belt.

Ceramic lagging:

The ceramic belt is more durable than rubber lagging. It is hard does not cause wear and tear easily. This lagging is used in harsh and hard conditions. As this lagging is smooth, but it can do work faster than rubber. Ceramic belts can cause more friction and less belt slipping in belt. The ceramic lagging is expensive than rubber lagging. This lagging is more durable and stop wear and tear of belt. This lagging provides great work than rubber belts.

Smooth ceramic lagging:

This lagging has dimples in it. This type of lagging cause more friction than other laggings. This lagging is smoother than rubber and ceramic lagging. It can cause more friction. Smooth ceramic lagging has great life than other laggings.

Laggings have great role in working of belt in machine. Every lagging has its role any way of use. For instance, rubber lagging is great choice for many machines. It can produce friction, but lesser than ceramic friction. Furthermore, rubber friction is good for small machines and small industries because it is cost effective and good choice for small machine with great friction production.

The ceramic lagging is harder than rubber lagging. This lagging produces more friction and also provide better performance than rubber friction. More durable and great service ceramic performance is better than rubber. Engineering fabrication services provide service to install and change lagging for all kind of machines. Rubber lagging and other lagging are good for performance of machine. It provides less belt slipping and better performance of machine. It is duty of a machine owner to use better quality engineering fabrication services and rubber lagging for long lasting performance of machine and great production of product in factory in lesser time for more information please visit our website